BOD ROPE Weighted Jump Rope – Skipping Rope with Cordless or Corded


  • It’s time to intensify your exercise: the weighted jump rope handles and 0.3-inch thick PVC rope can weigh up to 1 pound. It will bring you three times the amount of exercise than an ordinary skipping rope, allowing it to train your muscles harder and burn fat faster. Perfect for training, exercising, working out, losing weight, boxing training, MBF and MBFA.
  • The all-new exercise experience: While swinging the rope, experience intensity, high-speed, and smoothness like never before. The memory foam Anti-Slip handles will provide you with a comfortable and firm grip, and the adjustable jump rope can be quickly modified to your height. Suitable for both men and women.
  • Beachbody-recommended BOD rope: Simply enter cordless mode and follow Megan Davies’ MBF course to start burning fat right away. Start your MBF and MBFA training and burn fat now. The cordless jump rope handles are both equipped with a sphere that are the size and weight of a baseball. This jump rope not only offers the same effect as a heavy jumping rope, but it will also meet your indoor exercise needs without disturbing family members and damaging the floor.
  • Industry-leading quality: The two spheres are made of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and its weight is 0.5 lbs in total. The joints are reinforced to secure the spheres and prevent them from detaching. The solid PVC rope is wear-resistant and durable, the stainless steel bearings are rustproof, and the high-density memory foam is sturdy, non-abrasive to the hands, and odorless.
  • World-class after-sales service: Every BOD Rope weight jumping rope is original, Providing customers with high-quality service is our unchanging tenet. We provide 30-day no-questions-asked return and lifetime warranty policies. Please contact us for any questions, we will reply within 24 hours.



Are you unsatisfied with the amount of exercise you get from regular jumping rope?

Are you distressed about being unable to exercise due to certain conditions?

Are you looking for a jump rope device that is suitable for Beachbody courses?

This product meets all the above needs!

When you need to increase the intensity of exercise, swing this 1 pound jump rope and you will sweat profusely in 2 minutes at the most, you’ll feel your fat burning, and your muscles pumping! Weighted jumping rope is the best for a whole body workout.

When you want to perform high-intensity training at home, enter ropeless jump rope mode and swing those two quarter pound spheres to achieve the same training intensity as jump roping.

When you want to join in the most effective and popular MBF and MBFA courses, this heavy jump rope will surely be the most suitable equipment for you, it is completely ideal for Beachbody training courses.

The product includes:

  • 2*0.25lb weights
  • 1*10 inch long 0.3 inch thick pvc rope
  • 2*0.25lb solid spheres
  • 1*Anti-wear sleeve
  • 1*Storage bag


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